Family Dentistry in Peoria, Az

Imagine the friendliest, most professional family dentistry practice where all of your dental needs are met with the highest care, where it’s actually a joy to see the dentist. Stop imagining, you’ve found it.

Dentist with young patient

Family dentistry is the branch of dentistry focusing on the diagnosing and treating of dental problems in all people, regardless of age or gender. Another name in which it’s referred to is general dentistry. In a nutshell, family dentistry covers just about everything involving teeth.

Dr. Bischoff has been a leader in the field of family dentistry, serving Peoria, Phoenix and Glendale for over 30 years, making it his goal to treat every patient as family. In fact, quite a number of our patients are multigenerational. You’re in the best possible hands with Dr. B and his family dentistry team and every treatment, from teeth cleaning to gum surgery is done with extensive knowledge and care to ensure you get the best results imaginable.

Routine Dental Care

Examinations, x-rays and routine cleanings; the very building block of good dental health. 98% of our patients routinely schedule their next cleaning upon completion of treatment. Over the years the truth of a little maintenance goes a long way has been upheld. We see the majority of our patients twice a year – for routine dental care. Those who follow Dr. Bischoff’s recommendations seldom need further work, thereby making routine care one of the best and cheapest preventive maintenance programs ever.

Periodontal Care

We treat and maintain periodontal (gum) disease with our minimal invasive technique that seeks to avoid expensive surgery. The combination of deep scaling, quarterly maintenance cleanings and the laser, we effectively treat and maintain your bone structure and gum tissue.

Root canal therapy

Nobody likes to hear this. If mentioned in public, be prepared for a slew of horror stories. Fortunately, modern-day root canals have improved leaps and bounds from the root canals of as much as 20 years ago. With the advancement of equipment and techniques we sincerely hope the horror stories will go away or, at the least, lessen. There are still many instances where root canal therapy Is still the best option for your teeth. One of the best reasons to opt for a root canal rather than an extraction is: Root canal therapy keeps your natural tooth in the mouth, thereby maintaining bone structure – something no other treatment can do for you.

Teeth Fillings

Bacteria grow in the warm, moist environment of your mouth – loves it, in fact. While the bacteria Is always present and a very normal part of the digestive process, occasionally it gets out of balance and starts eating away at your teeth. Instead of nice hard tooth structure, we find soft and spongy areas. This gets removed, often leaving a huge hole in the tooth where we have to put in a material to “fill in” the area the bacteria destroyed. Thus the name “filling.”

There are two options for fillings:

Amalgam – called this because it is an amalgamation of various materials – including mercury. It is silver when first put Into the mouth and gradually changes color until It looks almost black.

Composite – is “composed” of various, non-harmful materials. The major advantage of composite is, it contains no mercury and Is tooth colored.

Please note: In this office, we have chosen not to do amalgam fillings.

Gentle and pain-free pediatric dentistry

Our family dentistry services include pediatric dentistry, and just like with our older patients, we take the utmost care in treating children. We guide them through every process so they understand every step and we never do more than necessary.

Because of our gentle approach, we are often asked at what age should our patients bring their child in for a dental check up. Our experience has shown that between the ages of 2 ½ to 3 years old is best, unless there are any complications with baby teeth or they are experiencing any sort of gum disease, in which case it’s best to see a dentist right away.

At that age, most, if not all, baby teeth have come in and they are able to understand and allow the dentist to treat them. We also encourage children to watch their parents or siblings as they go through their dental treatments so they have more of an understanding.

It puts a huge smile on our face when parents come in for their dental appointment and their kids are disappointed that it’s not their turn. We truly care about each and every one of our patients and we believe they help us maintain the highest standard in family dentistry.

If you’re looking for a friendly, professional and caring family dentistry practice, we’d be honored to serve you.