Why You Should Go to A AAID Accredited Dentist for Your Dental Implants

Want to ensure a safe and effective dental implant procedure? If yes, then make sure that you get your implant (s) from a AAID accredited dentist. Who are AAID accredited dentists and what makes them the best choice for implants? Let’s find out. What does an AAID accredited dentist refer to? Firstly, an AAID accredited dentist is a dentist who has been accredited by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry or AAID. In case you didn’t know that already, AAID has been anchoring and promoting … Read more

How Long Is Dental Implant Recovery Time?

The time required to recover from dental implant surgery depends on several different things including the health of individual, the number of teeth affected and the method (s) employed to manage the recovery process. A three-phase process, dental implant surgery can be customized to meet the individual need of the person undergoing the surgery. Generally, the entire process takes from 5 to 8 months. Most of this time is dedicated towards to the evaluation of the bone structure at the site … Read more

Dental Implants Vs. Bridges: Which Is Better?

When it comes to replacing missing or broken teeth, you’ve got options. Though, dentists generally ask patients to choose between dental implants and bridges. The two most popular ways of restoring missing teeth, bridges and dental implants can help people with broken/missing teeth to get back their smile. Now, many people want to know which one among dental implants and bridges is better for replacing the missing/broken teeth. If you’re one of them then following is some useful information … Read more

3 Common Myths about Dental Implants

Not so long ago, dentures were the only option people suffering from tooth loss had to restore their mouth’s structure and function. However, recent advancements in dental technology has changed that. Today, many options are available to the people suffering from tooth loss. Of all the options available today, dental implants are probably the safest and most effective. Great substitutes for partial or full dentures, dental implants are artificial tooth roots incisively placed into the jawbone … Read more

An Overview of the Different Types of Dental Implants

Tapered/cylindrical posts made of titanium, dental implants are artificial tooth roots incisively placed into the jawbone underneath your gums. Dental implants serve as the base for replacement teeth and their purpose is holding the replacement teeth/bridges in place. Considered by many as the best treatment for missing teeth, implants are positioned in the jawbone in a way that allows them to intermix with your natural bone and become a brawny and robust foundation for replacement teeth. By … Read more

What, Why and How of Wisdom Teeth

With age comes wisdom and so do wisdom teeth! What are Wisdom Teeth? Like our body, our mouth also goes through various stages throughout the life. We develop teeth in stages; incisors are the first one to appear. They are then followed by canines, premolar, molars and finally, during our teens (or maybe in early 20s) a third set of molars gradually starts appearing in our mouth. They are known as “Wisdom Teeth”. The first thing that generally comes to mind whenever we talk about ‘wisdom … Read more

What Is Dental Anxiety?

You may not have heard the term, but it is likely that you or someone you know get nervous, anxious or afraid just by considering the idea of visiting a dentist. This is what is called dental anxiety. Different people feel varying levels of anxiousness when they are told to visit a dentist. It can range from low to moderate to extremely high levels of nervousness, anxiety and fear. At the highest level, when people actually freak out with the idea of visiting dentist, the condition is called … Read more

Tooth Decay in Children

Nothing could compare the pleasure that parents feel when they their toddlers developing teeth. But, do they feel the same if they could see the cavities that are developing inside those tiny teeth? Certainly, No! Tooth decay is a common oral disease that not only affects adults, but also children. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 28% of children develop a cavity between the ages of 2 to 5 and about 42% develop at least one cavity between the ages of 2 … Read more

Identifying the Greatest Threats to Your Oral Health

Let’s accept the reality for once; we know how crucial maintaining oral health is for our overall wellbeing yet, for most of us, it comes at the bottom of the priority list. We all want to have the sparkling teeth, bright smile, and fresh breath, but only few of us actually make effort to achieve and maintain them. It’s surprising to know that despite increased awareness about general health maintenance and oral care, a large number of people still do not follow even the basic oral care … Read more

Causes and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Gone are the times when people didn’t know what cancer is. Unfortunately, the disease has now become so widespread that we all have the basic knowledge about it. The deadly disease can affect any part of the human body and the mouth is not an exception either. When a tumor develops anywhere inside the mouth, whether in the inner lining of cheeks, on tongue, gums or lips or on the mouth’s roof, it is called mouth or oral cancer. Although less common, but mouth cancer can also develop in pharynx, … Read more