Dental Patient Testimonials

Throughout the many years of being in practice we’ve treated thousands of patients.
Here are a few kind words from some of them.

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  • All staff members continue to distinguish themselves as personable and knowledgeable professionals. They make dental appointments an enjoyable experience… something about which few dental offices can boast!

    Peoria dentist patient
  • The entire group of dentists is outstanding! I have been a client at your dental office for the last 5 years, and would never think of changing. My wife and I are very comfortable when it comes to services we need, and also the payment plan is very easy to work with on our budget. Good luck and keep the smiles for miles!

    Peoria dentist patient
  • Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. I had a very bad experience when I was little and feared the dentist. Now I feel more at ease and am more comfortable to go to the dentist. Thank you.

    Peoria dentist patient
  • I just love you guys!!! I always feel so comfortable and welcome in you’re office. I am always greeted with a smile and cheery Natasha. Kelley we are like family (11 years and counting) you are an excellent dental hygienist with your gentleness, care and concern of your patients and my teeth always look amazing after my cleanings! Thank you Dr. B and Ilona for keeping such an excellent, efficient and caring staff. I won’t go to any other dentist because I have the best in you and your office family. Thanks again for taking such great care of Robert and I as well as my parents and niece. I wouldn’t change one thing!

    Peoria dentist patient
  • Dr. Bischoff is by far the best dentist I’ve ever experienced. He and his staff of highly trained professionals made my visit extremely pleasant and educational. I was absolutely blown away by the advanced technology used in my pain free procedure. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again Dr. Bischoff and staff for the education in dental hygiene!

    Peoria dentist patient
  • When I first began working for the city of Peoria I asked for a dentist recommendation and I was given Dr. B’s name by several co-workers. The staff has been very friendly and courteous. My husband, three daughters and I actually enjoy coming for visits and to get our teeth cleanings done twice a year. The office staff has always given us a heads up on what a procedure will cost. Everything is explained, whether it is a filling, crown or root canal. I like that I am shown the x-rays and the exact tooth they will be working on and how to prevent problems in the future. I have recommended several co-workers to Dr. B’s office. They have been very satisfied with the care they had received.
    -Lupe P.

    Peoria dentist patient
  • I had a deep cleaning done on half of my mouth. I was so relaxed by the professional and caring touch of the two ladies (Kelley and Natasha) that I actually fell asleep a couple of times! I have NEVER heard of any of my friends or co-workers say they fell asleep in the dentist chair without sedation! If I didn’t have to pay for it I’d come EVERY week to sit in your chairs for services!

    Peoria dentist patient
  • From my first visit with Dr. Bischoff, I found him to be a great dentist who took the time to explain the complete dental procedure to me (before the procedure) in a way that made sense, without being condescending or demeaning. I really like coming here because Dr. Bischoff and his staff offer great dental services and great customer service.
    -Christy S.

    Peoria dentist patient
  • I have been coming to Dr. Bischoff for over 10 years. My sister recommended him to me and I have thanked her many times for the referral. I always feel so comfortable when walking into his office. His staff is all so friendly and helpful. I love his easy laughter and the way he always takes my wishes into consideration. He has done much intensive work on my teeth – root canals, caps and fillings, and I have total confidence that his work is the best that I could get anywhere.
    -Ann E. W.

    Peoria dentist patient
  • My husband and I started coming to Dr. Bischoff because his office was in our neighborhood. That was in 1984! We’ve stayed with him all these years for many reasons, in spite of that fact that he’s moved his office and we’ve changed neighborhoods. He truly is a gentle, caring dentist. His staff is friendly and professional. I have recommended him to friends through the years, and all of them have been pleased with his services.
    -Arneida M.

    Peoria dentist patient