What, Why and How of Wisdom Teeth


With age comes wisdom and so do wisdom teeth! What are Wisdom Teeth? Like our body, our mouth also goes through various stages throughout the life. We develop teeth in stages; incisors are the first one to appear. They are then followed by canines, premolar, molars and finally, during our teens (or maybe in early 20s) a third set of molars gradually starts appearing in our mouth. They are known as “Wisdom Teeth”. The first thing that generally comes to mind whenever we talk about ‘wisdom … Read more

More on tooth replacement options.

So we’ve covered the removable options for tooth replacement.  If that doesn’t sound like something that you’d like because taking something in and out of your mouth sounds like a hassle or you have a gag reflex and you don’t think you can have these things in your mouth, there are other options. Some people get bridges.  These generally span three teeth, but they can be made to go for a further stretch.  Most of the time these need one to two teeth on either side of the missing … Read more

Tooth replacement options continued…

So you’ve lost your tooth or about to lose a tooth and you want to know what your options are.  We’ve covered not do anything and why that’s not a good option, however it is definitely one of the more chosen options out there. Next up is a removable appliance.  There are different types of appliances that can be used to replace a tooth.  If it is a front tooth, you might be able to get away with what the dentist refers to as a “flipper” or a temporary partial.  This is just like … Read more

Next up on the topic of implants: the facts behind tooth loss and tooth replacement.

Now, being behind the dental wall and working with patients on their options, it generally comes down to how much does it cost and how much does insurance cover.  What people don’t think about on tooth replacement is: it’s just like replacing a limb when you lose it.  For example, you lose your leg in an accident.  No leg there anymore, this could really affect your mobility.  You’ll either be using a wheel chair or crutches for a very long time.  From what I’ve been told, crutches … Read more