We’re on the subject of all over health and your mouth…

Okay, now that we’re on the subject of all over health and your mouth, I think I’m going to set a few things straight.

I went to college, I didn’t finish because taking eight years to get a four year degree wasn’t my idea of effective teaching. But that’s a story for another day. I went to school to become a chemical engineer. This means I took A LOT of chemistry classes. I love chemistry, but again, a story for another day. This next statement is going to shock a few people, but it needs to be said…

FLUORIDE IS NOT POISONOUS. It’s a naturally occurring element. You can find it naturally in water, dirt, rocks, etc. It is also not being used for mind control. If you are looking for conspiracy theories about fluoride, you’re not going to find them here.

Fluoride is also good for your teeth. Some people have had good results using fluoride, some people don’t notice any difference. I use fluoride all the time. Something happened in the chemical composition of my mouth (I admittedly was drinking a lot of soda, and a lot of other acidic drinks) and my teeth were beginning to soften. Also I had a few other interesting colored stains on my teeth that we couldn’t figure out what caused it. I got put on fluoride and my teeth started hardening up so I didn’t need fillings on all of the sides of my molars and the staining went away. Then, my favorite hygienist noticed that my gums were healthier too. So it is good for your mouth.

It also can be helpful for your bone growth as well. According to WebMD, women experience less hip and spine fractures when they drink more tap water and less bottled water. It also says that with the levels of fluoride that are in community water, it is beneficial for osteoperosis. So, it’s good for your teeth, and in normal levels it is good for your bones!

If your dentist recommends fluoride, it’s not to “control your mind” or to “poison you”, it’s to help save you from cavities and save you money for paying expensive fillings. And sometimes ugly looking fillings on the sides of your teeth…but your dentist is definitely not trying to kill you!