Lets talk about what happens now that you have gum disease…

Welcome back! Let’s talk about what happens now that you have gum disease. People get gum disease all of the time. Believe it or not, you NEVER get rid of it. You’re always going to have the bone loss and maybe even gum loss as well. The gum and bone loss actually create pockets to where the bacteria and tarter can settle in, get comfy, and live until cleaned out. Some times that takes a dentist or hygienist to clean out full because your floss and tooth brush aren’t going to be able to get that deep under the gum line.

After getting the initial gum disease cleaning, it will be highly recommended to get your teeth cleaned every three months. No, insurance doesn’t always cover it. Should you still get them done? Well, that is your choice. We can educate and recommend to you until we’re blue in the face. I myself would get it done irregardless of what my insurance tells me. It has happened more often than not, that someone has had to get their gum disease cleaning again because they decided to not follow the dentist’s recommendation of coming every three months. This happened to be before the person’s insurance required two year waiting span between gum disease cleanings. Then the person either is going to wait and have more damage done in their mouth, or they’re going to pay the full amount that it’s going to cost to get the cleaning done over again. So it does make a difference. Not following the dentist’s recommendations is just like playing Russian Roulette, maybe you’ll be fine, maybe you won’t be.

Now, we could blame this on the mean old insurance company, but it isn’t the insurance company that sets the rules. It’s what you or your employer signed up for. If you want something covered, you need to ask for it. Going to see your human resources to see if you can have that changed. Don’t blame the dentist. It’s not their fault your insurance doesn’t cover things. The dentist and hygienist only want what is best for your optimum oral health, they aren’t suggesting it if it isn’t needed.

This would be the recommended preventative care for someone with gum disease. Cleanings every three months at first. With good home care you can make your way back to six months, but to start with, it is highly recommended to come in every three months.

And that’s the end of proper preventative care! If you have any questions, contact our office!