How to try your best to not get implants bridges and dentures…

Now, we’ve learned the difference between bridges, implants and dentures.Next topic is how to try your best to not get implants, bridges and dentures, or how to keep your teeth for most of your life.

I’m not saying that you’ll never need a tooth pulled if you take care of your teeth. I had one pulled, and not due to a lack of care. I’m saying this is a good way to keep your teeth as long as possible. You see, dentistry is the epitome of the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Dentists and hygienists don’t recommend regular cleanings to line their pockets. They recommend them because it’s taking gross bacteria off of your teeth and away from your gums that needs to be done by a professional on a regular basis.

I have heard the excuse many times “but I don’t have insurance!” That makes it even more important to show up regularly for your cleanings. A small filling that would cost about $150-$200 without insurance could end up costing you $1000 or more once you get insurance. It’s the same with cleanings, your teeth don’t get cleaner by the day. Through the process of eating, your teeth get DIRTY. Then, they build up plaque and tarter, and if that continues to build up and not be taken care of, the bacteria starts attacking the bone levels in your gums. This is when we get into cleanings that cost $200-$500 with insurance. This is why people think they need insurance to come to the dentist.

If you look at the money you spend on the prevention every year, you actually save money in future dental services – less fillings, less crowns, less (gulp) root canals, less tooth loss, etc. I could also make the point that, depending on your dental plan, you are actually spending more on your insurance that you would be on paying for a couple of cleanings. Not every dental insurance plan is like that, like if you work for the government you do have a good deal on your insurance, but a lot of plans are. So whether you have insurance or not, you should still plan to get your teeth cleaned at least!