3 Common Myths about Dental Implants


Not so long ago, dentures were the only option people suffering from tooth loss had to restore their mouth’s structure and function. However, recent advancements in dental technology has changed that. Today, many options are available to the people suffering from tooth loss. Of all the options available today, dental implants are probably the safest and most effective. Great substitutes for partial or full dentures, dental implants are artificial tooth roots incisively placed into the jawbone underneath your gums. After the implant is put in place, a replacement tooth is attached to it, allowing you to have that perfect smile once again.

Now, you will hear different things from different people about the dental implants. Some of the knowledge imparted to you will be true and some of it will be based on myths and misconceptions. It is important that you don’t fall prey to the wrong knowledge about dental implants imparted to you. The best way to do this is knowing the myths/misconceptions about dental implants making the rounds today. To help you in this regard, following are 3 common myths about dental implants.

Myth 1# Implants are Noticeable

The number one myth about implants is that they’re easily noticeable. Contrary to popular belief, implants are not easy to spot. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, dental surgeons can now create teeth from implants that match your other teeth in terms of color and translucence. So, unless you tell someone about them, chances are that people won’t be able to spot your implants.

Myth # 2 They are uncomfortable

Another common myth about implants is that they’re uncomfortable. The supposed pain caused by implants is a major reason many people avoid them. But, the truth is that the procedure to get implants is far less complex and painful than what most people believe it to be. In addition to local anesthesia, nitrous oxide is used during the implantation procedure to reduce anxiety and discomfort and make pain as good as negligible. In addition to the above, you will be given care instructions and prescribed medicine for the pain. Before you even know it, the implants will be in place in to give you back your beautiful smile.

Myth 3# They are expensive

Many people wrongly believe that dental implants are expensive. Implants have a higher upfront cost than bridges but unlike the latter, they last an entire lifetime. On the other hand, bridges last for seven to fifteen years before being replaced. This makes implants a cheaper option than bridges and dentures. Lastly, implants are less complicated than dentures, which makes them easier and cheaper to maintain than the latter.

There you have it—the 3 common myths about dental implants.