Orthodontic Braces: How To Know If You Need One?


While we all love to have the picture perfect kind of sparkling smile, many of us take our oral health too lightly or until we are faced with some serious problems. Orthodontic problems do not only affect your smile, confidence and self-esteem, but also cause various real oral health issues. This is why regular visits to your family dentist are recommended. If detected at early stage i.e. during childhood when permanent teeth start emerging, orthodontic problems can be much easily because … Read more

Oral Health and Diabetes


We all know that diabetes has now become a common disease and it is possible to keep it under control. But, one can only take measures to live a healthy life when he/she knows that he/she is diabetic. Is it possible that you may be suffering from diabetes and not know about it? Yes! Research tells us that there are 8.1 million such people in the United States alone. This is why it is called the “silent killer”. While it is a common knowledge that in the long run, diabetes cause … Read more

4 Habits That Negatively Affect Your Oral Health


Are you destroying your teeth and damaging your overall oral health with even knowing? It may be possible! Does your toddler have a habit of thumb sucking? Or you bite your nails? If yes, then know that these habits are extremely bad for oral health. Certain habits affect our oral health too negatively and lead to teeth loss and other oral diseases. Bad oral hygiene makes the situation even worse. This is why, 25 % of US citizens, who are older than 65 years, do not have any … Read more

An Introduction to Dental Veneers


Ever wondered how celebrities manage to have perfect hair, skin, and teeth? While we all know that they take several measures to get and maintain beautiful skin and hair, few people know that many choose to give makeover to their smiles as well. They wear ‘Dental Veneers’. Don’t believe us? Google it and you would be surprised to know how many celebrities have gone through this cosmetic dental procedure. So, if you are one of those who always shy to smile because you don’t have … Read more

The Myth of Insurance

The Myth of Insurance, Part II So, we’ve touched on how insurance started. It actually started in California back in the 1950’s. It was a way for the workers to get some compensation for the work that they were doing. It did become more main stream in the 1970’s, where employers were offering $1000 per year benefit. Now, doing the reverse math on this, a $12000 crown today would have cost you $362 back in 1971. Back then, it was a similar structure to what it is now, 100% of preventative … Read more

Experience in life comes at you from all angles

Experience in life comes at you from all angles. I recently went to a seminar for dentists. So I’m in a room of over 50 dentists and their staff. Mostly front office staff. This was a new patient seminar. I think most of the room thought that I was the dentist. I actually picked up on the information better than most, and I made jokes about what they were talking about. A lot of the information was review, but there were some great points made. This gets me into today’s topic: … Read more

The pros and cons to Root Canals…

The pros and cons to Root Canals. Okay, root canals aren't the best thing in the world, I will admit that. I've had one retreated after it got reinfected. That's a complete possibility. That would be a con. Your tooth can still get reinfected. It will hurt because the ligament gets irritated, but not because the tooth is infected, there is no nerve there anymore! Also, your tooth becomes brittle. I don't know about you, but it sucks. I'm always afraid of breaking my teeth, of course, my root … Read more

Now to continue on with my root canal saga…

Now to continue on with my root canal saga (yes, it is a saga). So, I was literally shoved out the door to have my root canal done. Everyone thought they'd have to drive me to my appointment to make sure that I made it and didn't run off to somewhere else. Unfortunately, I knew that I would be really rude to the specialist if I did that so I didn't run and hide. Although looking back at it, hind site being what it is, I should have called and canceled and then ran and hid. Cutting my … Read more

Onto a more serious subject, one that is on everyone’s…

Onto a more serious subject, one that is on everyone's “I would rather be (fill in the blank) than have a root canal!” list. It's the root canal! YAY!! I am some what of a root canal expert. I've assisted the doctor in his efforts to give people root canals and I've had 1...2...skip quite a few...6 of them myself. None of my root canals were from cavities, so it wasn't lack of dental care or waiting too long to get my fillings done. No, like I said before, I was in a cheer accident and got … Read more

We’re on the subject of all over health and your mouth…

Okay, now that we're on the subject of all over health and your mouth, I think I'm going to set a few things straight. I went to college, I didn't finish because taking eight years to get a four year degree wasn't my idea of effective teaching. But that's a story for another day. I went to school to become a chemical engineer. This means I took A LOT of chemistry classes. I love chemistry, but again, a story for another day. This next statement is going to shock a few people, but it needs to … Read more