What, Why and How of Wisdom Teeth


With age comes wisdom and so do wisdom teeth! What are Wisdom Teeth? Like our body, our mouth also goes through various stages throughout the life. We develop teeth in stages; incisors are the first one to appear. They are then followed by canines, premolar, molars and finally, during our teens (or maybe in early 20s) a third set of molars gradually starts appearing in our mouth. They are known as “Wisdom Teeth”. The first thing that generally comes to mind whenever we talk about ‘wisdom … Read more

What Is Dental Anxiety?


You may not have heard the term, but it is likely that you or someone you know get nervous, anxious or afraid just by considering the idea of visiting a dentist. This is what is called dental anxiety. Different people feel varying levels of anxiousness when they are told to visit a dentist. It can range from low to moderate to extremely high levels of nervousness, anxiety and fear. At the highest level, when people actually freak out with the idea of visiting dentist, the condition is called … Read more

Tooth Decay in Children


Nothing could compare the pleasure that parents feel when they their toddlers developing teeth. But, do they feel the same if they could see the cavities that are developing inside those tiny teeth? Certainly, No! Tooth decay is a common oral disease that not only affects adults, but also children. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 28% of children develop a cavity between the ages of 2 to 5 and about 42% develop at least one cavity between the ages of 2 … Read more

Identifying the Greatest Threats to Your Oral Health


Let’s accept the reality for once; we know how crucial maintaining oral health is for our overall wellbeing yet, for most of us, it comes at the bottom of the priority list. We all want to have the sparkling teeth, bright smile, and fresh breath, but only few of us actually make effort to achieve and maintain them. It’s surprising to know that despite increased awareness about general health maintenance and oral care, a large number of people still do not follow even the basic oral care … Read more

Causes and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer


Gone are the times when people didn’t know what cancer is. Unfortunately, the disease has now become so widespread that we all have the basic knowledge about it. The deadly disease can affect any part of the human body and the mouth is not an exception either. When a tumor develops anywhere inside the mouth, whether in the inner lining of cheeks, on tongue, gums or lips or on the mouth’s roof, it is called mouth or oral cancer. Although less common, but mouth cancer can also develop in pharynx, … Read more

Orthodontic Braces: How To Know If You Need One?


While we all love to have the picture perfect kind of sparkling smile, many of us take our oral health too lightly or until we are faced with some serious problems. Orthodontic problems do not only affect your smile, confidence and self-esteem, but also cause various real oral health issues. This is why regular visits to your family dentist are recommended. If detected at early stage i.e. during childhood when permanent teeth start emerging, orthodontic problems can be much easily because … Read more

Oral Health and Diabetes


We all know that diabetes has now become a common disease and it is possible to keep it under control. But, one can only take measures to live a healthy life when he/she knows that he/she is diabetic. Is it possible that you may be suffering from diabetes and not know about it? Yes! Research tells us that there are 8.1 million such people in the United States alone. This is why it is called the “silent killer”. While it is a common knowledge that in the long run, diabetes cause … Read more

4 Habits That Negatively Affect Your Oral Health


Are you destroying your teeth and damaging your overall oral health with even knowing? It may be possible! Does your toddler have a habit of thumb sucking? Or you bite your nails? If yes, then know that these habits are extremely bad for oral health. Certain habits affect our oral health too negatively and lead to teeth loss and other oral diseases. Bad oral hygiene makes the situation even worse. This is why, 25 % of US citizens, who are older than 65 years, do not have any … Read more

An Introduction to Dental Veneers


Ever wondered how celebrities manage to have perfect hair, skin, and teeth? While we all know that they take several measures to get and maintain beautiful skin and hair, few people know that many choose to give makeover to their smiles as well. They wear ‘Dental Veneers’. Don’t believe us? Google it and you would be surprised to know how many celebrities have gone through this cosmetic dental procedure. So, if you are one of those who always shy to smile because you don’t have … Read more

The Myth of Insurance

The Myth of Insurance, Part II So, we’ve touched on how insurance started. It actually started in California back in the 1950’s. It was a way for the workers to get some compensation for the work that they were doing. It did become more main stream in the 1970’s, where employers were offering $1000 per year benefit. Now, doing the reverse math on this, a $12000 crown today would have cost you $362 back in 1971. Back then, it was a similar structure to what it is now, 100% of preventative … Read more