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Family, cosmetic and hi-tech dentistry all under one roof, by the best dentist and dental team in Peoria, AZ
Centrally located in Peoria, AZ, Dr. Bischoff is able to serve dental patients throughout Central Arizona, including Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, and the Valley.
Over 30 Years in dentistry
10,000 Happy Patients
Are you looking for a Friendly & Professional Dentist for you and your family? Look no further. Dr. Darrel Bischoff, DDS and his team of dental professionals make going to the dentist a friendly and comfortable experience. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Bischoff is recognized as one of the most professional & knowledgeable Family Dentists in the Arizona Valley. From our pain-free routine cleanings to Dr. Bischoff's expertise in cosmetics, dental implants and crowns, our office can handle all of your family's dental needs. We accept most dental insurance plans and even offer our own affordable individual and family plans. Call or schedule online, for your appointment today!
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Family Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Hi-Tech Dentistry

Dr. Darrel Bischoff, DDS or better known by his patients as "Dr. B." has made a lifelong practice of treating his patients like family. As a result, most of them bring their families to us, and only us, for their dental treatments. It's not uncommon for Dr. Bischoff to treat 3 or 4 generations of patients in a single family.

It's no surprise to us that going to the dentist can be scary and nowhere is it more evident than with children. That's where Dr. B. excels further than any other dentist in Peoria, AZ. Dr. B. and staff are exceptional at making children feel at ease, which is the most important part in getting their agreement to do any dental procedures. We educate them, show them children's dental literature and keep in good communication with them at all times. When possible, and practical, we can even schedule appointments for the whole family together.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Bischoff knows exactly what to do for any and every dental situation. His patients return year after year because he helps them keep their healthy, beautiful smiles.

Located in Peoria, Arizona, Dr. Bischoff has been on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry for decades. He was creating custom veneers for his patients well before they became popular in the mid 80's, and his many years of experience have given him the skill and ability to provide veneers that look completely natural and are the perfect color for your mouth.

As an accomplished artist, Dr. Bischoff, uses art and aesthetics in everything he does, especially in cosmetic dentistry. His dental patients often say that Dr. Bischoff's restorations look so natural that people often don't believe that they aren't natural teeth.

Dr. Bischoff offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures, all executed with the highest level of skill and artistic excellence. With over 30 years of experience, and a completely personalized approach to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Bischoff offers a unique blend of cutting edge technology and a strong aesthetic eye.

Dr. Bischoff, loves technology and often refers to himself as a techie. Because of that, our state-of-the art dental practice offers the latest in high tech dentistry in a relaxed, caring, family-friendly environment. Dr. Bischoff stays on the cutting edge of dental technology so that he can provide better, faster service to his dental patients.

Our equipment includes an on-site dental lab that allows us to make perfectly fitting custom crowns in minutes, as well as 3D X-Rays for the most precise placements of dental implants.

With a wide array of services and technology, all of your dental needs can be met under one roof in the most relaxed atmosphere possible. We guarantee that going to the dentist isn't scary anymore.

New patients only. Not valid with other offers. Routine teeth cleaning addt’l $30 for those who qualify. Patients with gum disease receive $50 off teeth cleaning services.
  • 3D Camera X-Rays
  • Comprehensive Oral Exam
  • Second Opinion given by Dr. B
  • All of Your Questions Answered
  • 30 years of experience
    Dr. Bischoff always keeps current on the newest techniques and best materials and products in the dental care field. During his downtime he can be found researching or reading dental magazines for the latest information. He also keeps current by doing around 100 hours of continued education a year. He is constantly searching for a better way to handle dental problems. We pride ourselves in using cutting edge technology and in combination with the years of experience, there is hardly a situation that he hasn't seen and directly treated.
  • We are friendly, helpful and professional
    Our dental office treats families from young children to great-grandparents. We believe that a dental visit can be pleasant and that you can expect dental care delivered with kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.
  • Most Insurance Accepted
    Dental insurance can vary from patient to patient and we understand it can be a hassle. That's why we file your paperwork for you, and will work with you and your insurance company to get the maximum insurance benefits available to you.
  • We Listen to You
    Whether you're a new patient, or have been with us for 20 years, our first priority is always you. We believe that building a relationship is the first step in taking care of your dental needs. You're not just a patient to us, you're family.
  • Rich U.
  • Linda D.
  • Steve U.
  • Christy S.
  • Vicki T.
Rich. U.
Dr. Bischoff has been our family dentist for 25 years.

I was always afraid of the dentist in the past but found Dr. Bischoff to be the one who made me feel comfortable and I actually look forward to my visits.

Thank you for taking such good care of my family and me for all these years. Hope we have many more.

Linda D.
I can not express how wonderful ALL of you have been to me. You took a life of struggling with low self-esteem due to having no teeth to one of beauty now that I have my new dentures.

There is not anyone in the world that I would not recommend Dr. Bischoff and his wonderful dental staff to. Even the beauty of the office and his wonderful artwork make going there an enjoyable experience. My daughter, who introduced me to Dr. Bischoff, was terrified of dentists. She of all people raved about how gentle and caring he was. The staff always has a big smile and warm welcome. I feel as though I'd been a long-time patient. They anticipate my needs and work with me in all ways possible.

Steve U.
Since the age of 11, Dr. Bischoff has been my dentist. He has been the only one I've trusted and felt comfortable with. You feel like a family member, not a patient. His staff is very welcoming to you.

I'm now married with children of my own. My wife had not been a patient of Dr. Bischoff, and after her first visit she walked out with a smile and said, 'I love this dentist!'

How many people love their dentist? WE ALL DO!

Christy S.
From my first visit with Dr. Bischoff, I found him to be a great dentist who took the time to explain the complete dental procedure to me (before the procedure) in a way that made sense, without being condescending or demeaning.

I really like coming here because Dr. Bischoff and his staff offer great dental services and great customer service.

Vicki T.
I came to Dr. B with a huge problem. Dr. B took one hour of his time to correct everything that the other dentists told me could never be fixed. I'm out of pain and have my life back.

The office staff are so well organized that it is hard to believe that every visit was a pleasure. And the biggest thing - no more fear. I used to cry and not sleep the night before a dentist visit. Dr. B is the best.

I know no one would believe this but it is more relaxing to come here than the grocery store.

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